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Happy Easter From All Of Us At The Sundance Spa Store!
Happy Easter From All Of Us At The Sundance Spa Store! Come in and see us for your hot tub supplies and accessories.
InfraSaunas - Get the best of both worlds!
InfraSaunas - Get the best of both worlds with a combo sauna featuring Infrared and traditional heat.
Hot Tub Health Benefits: Migraine Relief
Anyone who has suffered a migraine knows they are more than “just a headache”. Find out a Sundance Spa can help deal with the symptoms of a migraine.
Covid-19 Store Operations & Hours *April 8th Update*
Covid-19 Store Operations Update - April 8th 2021. We are currently open for curbside pick-up only at all locations.
Hot Tub Of The Month - The 6 - 7 Person Chelsee
The 6-7 person Chelsee is our Hot Tub Of The Month for February! Find out why so many people love this luxurious yet affordable spa.
How To Deal With Foamy Hot Tub Water
Foamy hot tub water can happen from time to time and is something that can be easily managed. Read on for tips on how to get foam free hot tub water!
What is Spa Shock?
What is Spa Shock, and how should I use it in my Sundance Spa? We give you the shocking truth!
Covid-19 Store Operations Update
Covid-19 Store Operations Update - January 18th 2021. We are open for curbside pickup only at this time.
Hot Tub Winter Freeze Protection -  Installing a Space Heater
A space heater can be a useful tool in helping you deal with frozen hot tub equipment.
Heat & Filtration Settings for your Sundance Spa
We all want to enjoy clean, clear hot tub water, and heat and filter settings play a significant part in making it happen.