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How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

Every day people always ask us, "How much is a hot tub?" or "How much should I budget for a hot tub?" and that is just too broad of a question to answer. It is a little similar to asking how much is a car. A ford topaz isn't going to cost you much... you may be able to find one for free... but that Mercedes-Benz is going to be a little bit more expensive.

At The Sundance Spa Store we have hot tubs starting at $4,500.00 + HST, up to $25,000.00 + HST.

We are an authorized Sundance Spas & Dreammaker Spas hot tub dealer in the GTA & Niagara Regions. We carry the full line of Sundance Spas & The Dreammaker EZ hot tub, EZL hot tub and Big EZ hot tub. With almost 30 models available, we have a great selection of hot tubs to suit your budget, size, shape and configuration.

We have been an authorized Sundance Spas dealer since 2003, we currently have five convenient locations in the GTA & Niagara area to serve you better, and are a full service hot tub & sauna store providing sales, service and support.

Sundance Spas currently offers four different series (collections), and each series/collection offers a variety of different models, shapes, sizes and layouts. All of our Sundance models are built and engineered with the same high quality standards and craftsmanship. You can be confident you will be absolutely satisfied with any Sundance model! But what Sundance model is perfect for you, your family and your wants + needs?


Regardless Of Price, Model or Series, Every Sundance Hot Tub Is Built With

All of our Sundance hot tubs are built with our exclusive proprietary innovative three-layer Rigid Bond patented shell which provides superior strength and thermal retention qualities that make Sundance hot tub shells the strongest in the hot tub & spa industry.

All of our Sundance models are built and engineered with our high quality, UV-resistant SunStrong synthetic cabinetry which is durable and low maintenance.

All of our Sundance hot tubs are double insulated with polyurethane foam insulation which significantly reduces heat loss, thus reducing heating costs. While this process adds to the cost of manufacturing, research has shown that full foam insulation provides substantial savings to the hot tub owner over time. Some manufacturers eliminate full foam insulation in an attempt to provide a less expensive product.

Every Sundance hot tub will come standard with a pump or pumps, plumbing, jets, heater, LED digital controls, a LED coloured light or LED coloured lights, air controls, water diverters, headrests and our exclusive ClearRay UV-C water purification system.


Why Is One Series More Or Less Expensive Than Another Series

JETS - It is never about the number of jets in a hot tub, filling a hot tub with small, cheap, inexpensive jets is a great way to fool the consumer. Think about it this way, when you go get a professional massage you don't ask for 5 massage therapists, you have 1 properly trained massage therapist use multiple massage techniques. A proper hot tub massage is all about the positioning of the jets, the layout of the jets and the type of the jet for the correct part of the body. Sundance Spas uses professionals and experts on the human body to design and engineer a hydrotherapy experience unlike any other in the hot tub industry. Here is a list of our existing blogs explaining all of our patented and exclusive hydrotherapy which varies on each series; 

WARRANTY - A hot tub is a major investment so you should make certain it is well protected, and that the company and hot tub dealer you purchase from will provide the best possible customer service. Make sure you read all of the fine print when it comes to the warranty, the more pages the warranty is, the more you should pay attention to all the fine print. Why is the warranty so many pages long? What fine print is hidden in all these pages?

FILTRATION - Filtration is often overlooked on a hot tub, the filtration system is a vital component on any hot tub. Do you want less maintenance? Do you want to spend less time working on your hot tub and more time enjoying your hot tub? Don't overlook the filtration system because of lights, waterfalls, stereo systems, flashy keypads, "bells & whistles" Here is a list of our existing blogs explaining all of our exclusive filtration systems;

KEYPADS/CONTROL PANELS - Each Sundance Series is equipped with Digital LED keypads for easy operation and control. Keypads vary for each series;

  • Sundance 680 Series - Simplified illuminated digital control panel
  • Sundance 780 Series - Streamlined digital control panel with illumination
  • Sundance 880 Series - i-Touch control panel with coloured screen
  • Sundance 980 Series - Advanced Glass i-Touch Control with smart device

HEATERS - Each Sundance Series is equipped with a energy efficient high flow heater. The heater varies for each series

  • Sundance 680 Series & 780 Series - Stainless steel high flow - 4.0kW or 5.5kW
  • Sundance 880 Series & 980 Series - Titanium Coil Smart Heater - 5.5kW

PUMPS - Each Sundance Series is equipped with the same high quality TheraMax pumps.

  • Sundance 680 Series - 1 pump up to 2 pump systems
  • Sundance 780 Series - 2 pump up to 3 pump systems
  • Sundance 880 Series & 980 Series - 3 pump up to 5 pump systems


What Associated Costs Come With The Purchase Of A Hot Tub

Electrical will be required for the hot tub, a dedicated circuit and line needs to be run for the hot tub. This can be done by the homeowner, however using a certified electrician is recommended for safety and proper hookup/installation. On average the cost of the electrician, materials and permits is around $1,000.00 - 1,500.00 + HST. Price can vary based on the amount of materials required, the distance of the hot tub from your main electrical panel and the amount of labour required. We have been working with Calibre Electric since we opened our first location back in 2003, we highly recommend using this highly experienced company. They are also very familiar with our Sundance Spas electrical requirements, they have connected thousands of our Sundance Spas.

A flat level solid surface is required for the hot tub to rest on, however you do not need a concrete pad for a Sundance Spa. Some hot tubs require a poured concrete slab because the shell is not self-supporting and require the pad to help keep the hot tub stable. A Sundance Spa can be installed on a deck, interlocking stones or patio stones, essentially any flat solid level surface will do. As long as the surface is flat and level, you can place your Sundance Spa on it. If you are installing your own pad with gravel screening and patio stones, you should budget for the cost to be between $200.00 and $400.00. If you pay a contractor to install a concrete pad, you should budget for approx. $1,500.00 + HST.

A Crane may be required and associated with the purchase of a hot tub. A crane may be required if access to your backyard prevents the hot tub from being delivered and installed by our traditional methods such as a spa sled, spa dolly or piano dolly. The cost of a crane can range anywhere from $600.00 + HST up to $2,000.00 HST depending on the distance, size of crane required for the job and city rules and regulations.


Options & Accessories

Hot tub options and accessories play a role when it comes to pricing. Items such as covers, cover lifters, steps, stereo systems, exterior lights, water purification systems, automatic oxidizers, salt systems, WiFi control kits, SmartTub Cellular Control (exclusive Sundance technology), hand rails, drink trays, start-up or maintenance kits, delivery, installation, maintenance packages are all generally optional add-ons.

All of these options, add-ons and accessories can play a factor when it comes to the price. Some of these options and accessories we would highly recommend to make your life easier during ownership of the hot tub and some you could probably live without. 

First, let's talk about getting the hot tub into your backyard, exactly where you want it! We include delivery + set-up with all of our models, which means we will not only deliver the hot tub to your home, we will also take your new Sundance hot tub into your backyard and place it exactly where you want. Be aware of curbside delivery as opposed to delivery and set-up, yes the hot tub delivery may included, but may not include actually delivery to exactly where you want your new hot tub.

Start-up kits or maintenance kits include the water care products you will need to use to maintain your hot tub. We include a maintenance kit with every model in our sale pricing. Our exclusive ClearRay UV-C water purification system and exclusive MicroClean filtration systems not only help to ensure clean, sparkling water, they also equal less maintenance. 

A cover is definitely something you are going to need for the hot tub, and is included in our sale pricing with every Sundance model. A cover lifter is a great option to have with the hot tub and makes it allot easier to lift the cover off and on. It saves you from having to lift the hot tub cover off by hand, find a place to put it and lift it back on after your relaxing soak. It also keeps the cover clean, keeps it off the ground and helps prevent any possible damage which could happen when moving or carrying the cover. Cover lifters range in price from $395.00 + HST up to $495.00 + HST.

Steps are a pretty common and popular option as well, however you may design your backyard so you don't need a step. For example if you place your hot tub next to a raised deck or patio the step will be unnecessary. Steps range in price from $195.00 HST up to $495.00 + HST.

Water purification systems are often an option or add-on, all of our Sundance hot tubs come with our exclusive factory installed ClearRay UV-C water purification system. The ClearRay water purification system is standard on all Sundance hot tub models, a value of $795.00 + HST included in our sale pricing. Our exclusive ClearRay water purification system treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and provides over 50% chemical reduction and usage.

Bluewave Spa Stereo Systems are an option available on almost all Sundance models. Our optional integrated Bluewave spa stereo system makes it easy to add music for ambiance in your Sundance spa. Bluetooth allows you to stream audio from up to 30 feet, integrated audio controls on select models are user-friendly and make it easy to use the stereo without leaving your hot tub. High performance, Sundance Spas-branded marine grade speakers provide better sound and acoustic range. Sundance 980 Series & 880 Series models Bluewave spa stereo systems include a factory installed amplified Sub-woofer. Sundance Bluewave spa stereo systems range in price from $995.00 + HST up to $1,495.00 + HST.     

SmartTub Cellular Technology, control your hot tub from an app on your smartphone or tablet with our Exclusive SmartTub System. Enjoy east setup -- just pair your app! Sundance Spas Exclusive SmartTub System uses a stable, secure, cellular connection without the need for WiFi. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or across town, you always know the status of your hot tub and can control key functions from anywhere. The app offers access to product knowledge and support, power outage notifications, energy usage estimates and important hot tub functions. The world of connected products is large and growing exponentially in many outdoor products that benefit from Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. Our exclusive design leverages the fact that hot tubs are located outdoors to directly connect to local cell towers. We partner with major wireless carriers around the world to ensure stable networks with maximized performance. SmartTub coverage is not related to your personal cellular plan, managed for you and billed to you directly through the app on an annual basis starting in year two. M2M communication uses low bandwidth 3G technology to make a connection affordable and wide ranging. We use data packets smaller than a text message to remotely control and monitor your hot tub. Even when you don't have sufficient cell service to stream video or have communication, your coverage will still support your SmartTub System. SmartTub is standard on all Sundance 980 Series models and is an option on all other Sundance models for $895.00 + HST.


Wi-Fi is great for many indoor connected products, as the devices are normally close to the router. Although this is typical, hot tubs are different because they live outdoors, often far from the home router. Barriers such as wall construction material (such as stucco, drywall, metal framing, radiant barrier on insulation, etc), water and distance interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Many products are available to help extend the Wi-Fi signal, requiring setup, networking with your existing home router and a bit of home networking knowledge. Additionally, you are required to pair the device to your home network, which although often simple, does sometimes require technical compatibility considerations such as router compatibility and network ID and password requirements. Sundance Spas very own SunSmart Wi-Fi Cloud Control System Launched all the way back in 2010, Sundance Spas replaced unreliable Wi-Fi technology with our Exclusive SmartTub Cellular Technology in 2018, what an improvement! SmartTub has been fantastic!


Price Ranges

Dreammaker Spas - Price Range - $4,500.00 + HST up to $6,000.00 + HST.

Sundance Spas 680 Series Models - Tacoma, Denali, Prado, Peyton, Edison, Ramona & McKinley - Price Range is $6,000.00 + HST up to $13,000.00 + HST. 

Sundance Spas 780 Series Models - Dover, Montclair, Bristol, Hanover, Hamilton & Chelsee - Price Range is $10,000.00 + HST up to $17,000.00 + HST.

Sundance Spas 880 Series Models - Capri, Marin, Cambria, Altamar, Cameo, Optima, Maxxus, Aspen - Price Range is $13,000.00 + HST up to $25,000.00 + HST.

Sundance Spas 980 Series Models - Lisbon, Odessa, Claremont, Kingston - Price Range is $18,000.00 + HST up to $25,000.00 + HST.