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Spring Cleaning Your Sundance Hot Tub

Your Sundance Hot Tub has kept you warm all winter long, providing hours of family bonding and relaxation. The good news is that the good times can last year-round, with just a little bit of maintenance. Thankfully, spring cleaning a Sundance Hot Tub is pretty simple. We’ll show you how to get your Sundance Spa Spring ready in just a few easy steps!

Drain the Hot Tub

Now the the snow is melting and the temperature is rising, it's time to drain out your old hot tub water. To drain the water from your Sundance Hot Tub, turn off the power, remove the front panel, unscrew the drain valve cap, and attach a garden hose to the drain fitting. Direct the hose to a safe drainage area and let gravity work its magic. Once the process is complete, remove the garden hose, and replace the drain cap and panel.  For a quicker process, our 980™ Series and 880™ Series models include Quick Drain™, a built-in oversized drain that saves time and makes water change easy. For detailed instrcutions on how to Drain, Clean & Re-Fill your Sundance Hot Tub, read this blog.

Clean the Synthetic Cabinet

To keep your Sundance hot tubs synthetic cabinet (also known as a skirt) looking its best, wipe it down with a clean towel and a mild soap solution or a cleaning product such as Clean & Perfect or Ultrashine, both available at The Sundance Spa Store.

Wipe Down the Interior Shell

Now that your Sundance hot tub is empty, you can clean the inside with a nonabrasive, non-sudsy cleaning solution such as Clean & Perfect, or a water/vinegar mix. Rinse the shell thouroughly after cleaning to remove any residue that could cause foaming once your hot tub is filled back up.

Check The Filters

Your Sundance hot tub filters work hard to keep your water clean and fresh, so after a long hard winter you should check what sort of condition they are in and either clean or replace them as needed. If you purchase the optional SmartTub Cellular Control option, reminders about required filter maintenance will be sent directly to your smartphone or tablet via the SmartTub app.

Different filters require different maintenance, so use this guide below to ensure you are looking after your filters correctly.

680 Series Filters50 Sq Ft -  The 680 Series filters should be removed and cleaned once a month and replaced once a year.‚Äč

780 Series FiltersMicoClean 1 Filter System – The 780 Series uses a two-piece filter system. The large pleated filter should be removed and cleaned every 2-3 months, and replaced every 18-24 months. The smaller filter (MicroClean 1) is a fully disposable filter and should not  be cleaned. This filter should be replaced every 3-5 months. 

880 & 980 Series FiltersMicroUltra Filter System – The 880 & 980 Series use a two-piece filtration system. The large Outer filter should be removed and cleaned every 2-3 months, and replaced every 18-24 months. The Inner Micro Core filter is fully disposable and should not  be cleaned. This filter should be replaced every 6-9 months. 

All Pleated Filters should be cleaned with a solution at least once a year to remove organic matter from the filters pleats. Rinsing with a regular garden hose will keep debris at bay, but a deep cleanse with a Cartridge Cleaner or AquaMagic will increase the efficiency of your Sundance hot Tub filters, help your pumps perform at their best and keep your water looking and feeling great!

Refill the Hot Tub

To refill your Sundance hot tub, remove the filter lid and filter cartridge, and then place a garden hose in the filter area. Fill your Sundance hot tub until the water covers all the jets but does not touch the bottom of the lowest headrest. Then, remove the hose, filter cartridge and filter lid before switching power back on to the hot tub.

Refresh the Pillows

Springtime is the perfect time to refresh your Sundance Hot Tub Pillows. You can easily Clean your pillows with a warm water/ vinegar mix and a soft brush or cloth. If the pillows have seen better days, replace them with brand new Sundance® pillows, which are 100 percent waterproof and boast the latest injection molding technology.

Treat the Water

Now it’s time to test and treat the hot tub water before you use it. Begin by adding 100 ml of Prevent II (Stain & Scale Control) to the water while it is still cold. Next, wait until the water has heated up (wait at least 5 hours) and use a test strip to check the water is balanced.

Adjust Alkalinity level first if required (treat with Alka-Rise or pH reducer). Once the water is warm and properly balanced, add 1 Capful (30g) of Sun-Boom to sanitize the water, and you are good to go!

You can also simplify care with Spa Marvel, a water enhancer that leaves hot tub water clean and balanced for a longer period of time, and reduces the amount of chemical products required to keep your water looking great.

Clean & Inspect The Cover

Finally, clean and condition your cover with a product such as "Restore" so it can continue to protect your investment for years to come. Use a garden hose to loosen dirt and debris, add a light spray of "Restore" and then buff the cover with a soft cloth.

If you spy any rips or tears in your hot tub cover, it is wise to invest in a new one sooner rather than later to prevent damaging the cover lifter arms. A new cover not only looks way better, it helps keep running costs down by reducing heat loss and evaporation. 

Now you are ready to get the most out of your Sundance Hot Tub and enjoy the slightly warmer weather!

Come in and see us at any of our 5 locations (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan) for more information on getting your hot tub ready for Spring, and for information on our current promotions on new spas and replacement hot tub covers.

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