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Enjoy The Labour Day Long Weekend!

The Labour Day long weekend is a great opportunity to get friends and family together for a super fun end of summer / back to school celebration.

Backyard gatherings are always way more fun when there is a Sundance Hot Tub for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few tips to help you put on the Perfect Labour Day Bash!

Pick a Theme

You can add some spark to your Labour Day Party by picking a theme. Once you have decided on a theme, let everyone know so they can put together their best festive outfits. Since it is somewhat of a faux pas to wear white after Labour Day, why not have everyone where as much white as possible? or show your Canadian Pride and go with a Red & White theme. 

Plan Your Menu

Whether you are going to fire up the BBQ, set up an outdoor buffet or go with an informal potluck, No Labour Day Party is complete without great food. Check out for 38 Labour Day Recipes.

As you are planning your food, don’t forget dessert. This is one area where you can be really creative – put together some decadent desserts that go with your theme. Check out Serious Eats 20 Labour Day Dessert Recipes for some amazing ideas!

Pour Some Beverages

Every party needs some great beverages so in addition to some chilled water, it is always fun to create some fun drinks for your guests to enjoy! Mix up some punch and garnish it with fresh fruit, and then try some of these delicious cocktails. If you have one of our 980 Series Hot Tubs, this is the perfect opportunity for you to utilize the built-in SunCoolers!

Prepare Your Hot Tub

Sundance Hot Tubs patented ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System and MicroClean Water Filtration keep your chemical use really low, as well as reducing the amount of time and effort spent on maintenance.

Before the party starts, check your Sundance Hot Tubs Water has sufficient sanitizer and that the Alkalinity and pH levels are balanced so the water smells and feels great. It is also worthwhile to check the condition of your filters before your guests arrive, and give them a clean or replace them if necessary.

Play Some Games

Game on! Hot Tub Hockey is always a good time. Divide up in to two teams who sit at opposite ends of the Hot Tub and with a ping pong ball or a rubber duck as a puck, use only water and air to push it to the opposing team's side of the Hot Tub to score! You can blow or make waves, but you can't touch the puck with your hands.

Pass the Bottle is another Hot Tub Classic - The aim of the game is simply to pass the bottle completely around the Hot Tub without using your hands. You can use any other part of your body, but you can't use the same body part between players. For example, you can't pass the bottle from your armpit to another player's armpit, but instead, you can pass it from your neck to the next player's knee. If you drop the bottle you're out!

Project a Movie & Crank Some Tunes!

If you set up a big screen and project a movie in the backyard, you can sync up your projector with Sundance Hot Tubs BlueWave Spa Stereo System for crisp, quality sound. Enjoy the bass in the Hot Tubs Water with the powered Sub-Woofer that is built-in to the cabinet to provide a rich surround sound experience.

Once the movie is done, play all of your favourite party classics through the BlueWave system as you party the night away!

Come in to any of our 6 locations (Burlington, HamiltonMississaugaOakvilleSt. Catharines & Vaughan) for information on our current promotions.

We hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!