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Hot Tub Cover Maintenance Tips

Your Sundance Hot Tub Cover is exposed to the elements all year round. The Sun’s UV rays, rain, snow and ice can adversely affect your Hot Tub Cover over the years. Proper maintenance will help your Sundance Hot Tub Cover last many years.

Knowing which products to use, and which to avoid, can be the difference between a good return on your investment or a recurring expense. Here are some helpful ways to get the best life possible from your Hot Tub Cover.

Clean & Condition Your Hot Tub Cover

Over time, hot tub covers that are not cleaned and protected correctly can become dry and brittle. This may eventually result in them developing unsightly cracks, colour fading and general deterioration.

The most common cause of this happening is the use of harsh cleaning products. A Vinyl hot tub cover requires a gentle cleaner just like leather. Try not to use any detergent based soaps, alcohol based cleaning products, dish washing liquid, or any cleaning products that contain bleach. Such abrasive cleaners will strip the clear top coating of the vinyl, causing it to break down and eventually require replacement.

A good way to help prolong the life of your Hot Tub Cover is to maintain it with a product such as Ultrashine Vinyl or Spa Boss Restore. These products not only keep your cover clean, they also condition the vinyl and add UV protection. Applying a UV protectant to your Hot Tub Cover three or four times a year will keep it from drying out and cracking as a result of the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Keep an Eye Out For Mold & Mildew

Hot Tub Covers can be susceptible to mold growth if they are not well maintained. Sundance Spas Hot Tub Covers are treated with an anti-mold agent; however, you may need to apply additional protection depending upon your environment.

During the winter months, you may notice mildew starting to form on your Hot Tub Cover. This is easy to remove using some Clean & Perfect all-purpose cleaner and the rough side of a sponge. Clean & Perfect, available at The Sundance Spa Store, is a unique blend of natural enzymes and surfactants making it the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. It will easily remove grease, grime, mildew, leaf stains & waterline rings.  

You can help prevent any mold or mildew build up by opening up the Hot Tub Cover regularly to let your Hot Tubs water breathe. Getting some fresh air to the Hot Tub also provides an escape for any chemical smells that have built up under the cover since the Hot Tub was last used.

Remove Snow From Your Cover

Many people enjoy using their Sundance Hot Tub during the winter months. Soaking in your Sundance Spas warm, bubbling water while snow is falling all around you is an incredibly exhilarating experience!

Remember to regularly clear the snow from the top of your Hot Tub Cover. Sundance Hot Tub Covers are designed to handle a heavy load of snow, however clearing the snow from the top can help prevent any snow and ice related damage.  

The best way to clear the snow from your Hot Tub Cover is with a broom, blower or brush, rather than a shovel which could potentially cause rips or tears.  Fresh snow is much easier to clean off the top of your cover than a thick build up of ice if you leave it to long, so get the snow blower out quickly after a storm!

Consider Adding a Cover Cap

The use of a hot tub Cover Cap can add extra protection from the elements. Made from tough, durable woven polyethylene, Cover Caps are designed to limit the wear and tear on your Sundance Hot Tub Cover throughout the year and particularly during the harsh winter months. The Sundance Spa Store keeps a variety of sizes of Hot Tub Cover Caps in stock all year 'round.

Inspect Your Cover Regularly

Frequently inspect your Sundance Hot Tub Cover for any wear and tear to prevent the foam interior from absorbing excess water, making it heavier and harder to lift.

When inspecting your Hot Tub Cover, check the covers clips & locks are in good working order. Clipping down your Hot Tub Cover after each use will prevent the cover from being lifted off during any harsh weather events we encounter.  

Cover clips can wear down over time and may need replacing. Visit any of our locations  for replacement cover clips - We even have a handy trick for replacing them without having to do any restitching on your Hot Tub Cover! 

Balance Your Water

Imbalanced water chemistry can contribute to Hot Tub Cover damage. Excessive levels of sanitizer, high or low pH & Alkalinity levels and exposure to ozone gas can shorten the life span of your cover. 

When adding chemicals or spa shock to your Sundance Hot Tub, you should leave the cover open for at least 20 Minutes to allow the chemicals to oxidize and circulate. This will also help prevent odor build up on the underside of the cover. 

Closing the cover straight after adding chemicals to the water, or failing to balance the water can cause vinyl puffiness, sagging, and bleaching on the cover's underside. It can also cause the Hot Tub Covers interior vapor barrier to break down, which will lead to the foam insert absorbing water. The more water the foam absorbs, the heavier and more difficult to lift your Hot Tub Cover becomes. 

Is It Time For a New Hot Tub Cover?

If your cover is at the stage where it is getting almost too heavy to lift without getting all your neighbours over to help, and looks like it has seen better days, Replacement Hot Tub Covers are available for all Sundance Hot Tub Models.  It is wise to replace your hot tub cover before it gets too heavy for your cover lifter to handle, so you are not having to replace the lifter as well as the cover.

A brand new cover is going to take years off the appearance of your Hot Tub and really enhance the look of your backyard.

In addition to the standard vinyl covers that we have carried for many years, we now also stock Sundance Spas SunStrong Covers, made with a durable marine grade fabric.

This new fabric cover has excellent resistance to water, mold, mildew and UV, so it stays looking new for a lot longer.

Stain resistant and easy to clean, The SunStrong Fabric is stronger than regular Vinyl and more resistant to tearing, breaking or colour fading. SunStrong Covers are available for all Sundance Spas hot tub models, and come in grey, mahogany or black.

Sundance SunStrong Covers weigh 25% less than regular vinyl covers of the same size, which makes them easier to use without losing durabilty or safety.

Come in to see us at any one of our six locations (Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan) for free water testing, advice on how to keep your Sundance Hot Tub and Cover looking great & more information on the SunStrong Fabric Covers.