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Hot Tub Water Care

The Sundance Spa Store Team have used their years of experience in the Hot Tub industry to carefully select a range of products that make Sundance Hot Tub maintenance nice and easy.

In this blog, we will give you our guidelines for sanitizing and balancing your Sundance Hot Tub's water, so it is always safe, clean and ready to use.

Filling Your Spa

While filling your hot tub with cold, fresh water, add 60ml (4oz) of Prevent II to prevent stain and scale build up.

If you have a 780, 880 or 980 Series hot tub, place a Sun-Purity Pack in the skimmer door (In front of the filter). These packs should be replaced every 3-4 months.

Once the water level is above the top of the highest jet, switch the power on to the hot tub (switch the GFCI breaker on to power up your hot tub).

Use the temperature up or down buttons to select your desired temperature (the factory default setting is 100 degrees). Now that the spa is powered up and the temperature is set, close the hot tub cover to allow the spa to heat faster and keep any debris from entering the hot tub.

Let your hot tub heat up to the set temperature before testing the water and adding any additional chemicals.

Once the hot tub water is at your set teperature, use an AquaChek 6-in-1 test strip to check the balance of the water.

At this stage, if the alkalinity or pH levels are not where they should be, adjust them accordingly with Alka-Plus, pH Booster or pH Reducer. If you need to balance both the alkalinity and pH, adjust the alkalinity first before attempting to balance the pH level. If alkalinity level is not right, you will not be able to successfully adjust the pH level. See "Water Balance" section below for more information.

The "Total Hardness" level (the bottom square on your test strip) is generally in the okay range if you are using city water. If you use a well to fill your spa or have a water softener system you may need to use some "Cal-Rise" to increase levels. If you are not sure about the hardness level in your hot tub water, please bring in a sample for testing before trying to adjust the level.

Once the water is at set temperature and is properly balanced, you should add 30 grams (1 capful or 2 tablespoons) of Sun-Boom directly to the water to sanitize it. After adding Sun-Boom, leave your hot tub cover open and turn on your jets for one twenty minute cycle. Your Sundance hot tub is now ready for you to enjoy!

Regular Care

Once a week you should use a test strip to check the water balance and sanitizer level. Balance your water as required first so your sanitizer can work properly and effectively. If the "Total Chlorine" level is low, add Sun-Boom (30g / 1 capful). On average most people will add Sun-Boom 2-3 times a week (based on average use of 3-4 times per week).

Since 2012 Sundance Spas have been equipped with the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System, which greatly reduces the amount of chemical needed to keep your water looking great! A standard hot tub requires a sanitizer level of 3-5 ppm, but with ClearRay you only need to keep it at 1 ppm (a light green colour on your test strip).

Sun-Boom is not designed to stay in your water for a long period of time, it will dissipate in a day or two which is normal and to be expected. This keeps your spa from getting a strong chemical odor, as there is not the constant release of chemicals in to the water that you would experience if you used a floating tablet dispenser.

Chlorine Free Spa Shock should be added at least once a week (100 grams / 4 capfuls) to help break down organic matter that could cause cloudy or foamy water. Spa Shock from The Sundance Spa Store is chemical free, odor free and completely harmless. It works together with Sun-Boom and ClearRay to maintain water clarity. If your hot tub is used frequently (we hope it is!) then adding chlorine free Spa Shock more regularly is recommended.

Once a week, on a separate day from any other chemical, add 30 ml (2 oz) of Prevent II to help prevent the build up of stain, scale and calcium.

Whenever you add chemicals to your hot tub water, do them separately for better results. The chemicals you are adding are much more effective when they are added one at a time.

After you have added chemicals to your water, leave the cover open and run the jets for a twenty minute cycle. This will allow the chemicals to mix properly with the water and will allow any unpleasant smell to dissipate and not get trapped under the hot tub cover.

Water Balance

Having healthy, sparkling clean hot tub water requires that your water is balanced. Having balanced water is important because it allows your sanitizer and spa shock to keep your hot tub water clean and clear.

Unbalanced water can result in staining, scale build up, green, yellow, foamy, or cloudy water.

If the alkalinity & pH levels are off it will also make keeping your sanitizer levels where they should be more difficult, and you might find you are adding Sun-Boom more frequently because it is less effective in unbalanced water.

When balancing your water, always get the alkalinity level right before making adjustments to the pH levels as alkalinity helps stabilize pH levels. Use Alka-Plus to increase alkalinity levels and pH Reducer to decrease alkalinity level if it is too high. 

After adding water balance chemicals, you need to wait at least twelve hours before re-testing and making any further adjustments. This gives the products the time they need to circulate and mix in to the water to be effective.

One capful of product (Alka-Plus, pH Booster, pH Reducer) will be enough to adjust 1 colour square on your test strip. We suggest only making an adjustment to the water balance if the reading on your test strip is clearly really high or really low to avoid adding chemicals unnecessarily. We offer free in-store testing, so if you are not sure if you need to add chemical or not, bring us a sample and we can help you out.

Helpful Hints

If your water appears cloudy or foamy, check your water is balanced and then check your sanitizer level. If there is a good level of sanitizer in the water, add 100 grams (4 capfuls) of CHlorine Free Spa Shock. You may need to repeat this a few times to fully eliminate cloudiness and/or foam. For temporary foam reduction so you can still enjoy your hot tub while you are dealing with a foam issue, add 15 ml (1 oz) of Defoamer.

You should drain & re-fill your hot tub approximately every 3-4 months to keep it fresh and easy to maintain. At least once a year, we recommend you flush out your hot tub's interior plumbing with Whirlpool Rinse. This will help clean and de-grease the plumbing lines and break down any build up of calcium.

If you are filling your hot tub for the first time (Congratulations!) we suggest that you drain & re-fill your new spa after 2-4 weeks of use. This is because your new spa gets a lot of use in the first few weeks and you are still getting the hang of treating the water). After this initial water change you will go on to the regular schedule of re-filling the spa every 3-4 months.

If you have any questions about your Sundance Hot Tub water or how to operate the spa, we are always available to help you out!

* Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our stores are currently closed for water testing. If you have any questions about water care, call your local store and we can help you out. Stay healthy, stay safe!*