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Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Summer

Summer is officially here, and with the weather finally heating up, many people are looking for ways to have fun and keep cool!

Sitting in a hot tub might be far from your mind when the heat hits, but a Sundance hot tub can actually be a great place to chill out and find some relief from the hot weather. 

Here are a few tips for enjoying your Sundance hot tub during the heat of the summer.

Lower The Temperature

Make your Sundance hot hub a cool tub! You can lower your hot tubs Water temperature to as low as 65°, but anywhere from 90° to 99° will feel like a really nicely warmed swimming pool. Your natural body temperature is 98.6º, so sitting in water below that will actively cool your body down!

When reducing your Sundance hot tubs water temperature you have a couple of options. For a quick cool down, we recommend you drain 4"-8" of the Hot Tubs water and re-fill with cold water from your hose.

The hot tub will then heat up to your desired temperature which will be a quicker process than waiting for the water temperature to drop down from the high temperature it was set to.

If you don't want to drain any water, you can just lower the temperature setting on your control panel, and your Sundance hot tub will stop heating to allow the temperature to drop. It is a good idea to do this temperature drop gradually, lowering a few degrees at a time, as this will allow your spa to continue to circulate and filter the water which will keep your water clean while it is cooling.

Lowering the temperature of your Sundance hot tubs water will mean you can enjoy it for longer periods of time and you can enjoy the benefits of Sundance's Patented Hydrotherapy Jets whilst enjoying a refreshing soak in the cool water!

Sanitize & Balance Your Water

In the Summertime there is likely to be more oils, lotions and sunscreen ending up in your hot tubs water that can cause cloudiness and foaming if not dealt with properly.

Be sure to add your Sun-Boom hot tub sanitizer as required and use Chlorine Free Spa Shock to break down any organics that make their way in to your hot tubs water. Setting your Primary Filter to the maximum setting will help keep your water clean and clear during periods of heavy use.

It is recommended that you use a test strip at least once a week to check your hot tub water is adequately sanitized and correctly balanced. Read here for more information on balancing your Sundance hot tub water.

Stay Well Hydrated

During the warm summer months, when it is hotter and we tend to perspire more, it is important to stay well hydrated by drinking 6-8, 8 ounce glasses of water each day.

Fill a cooler with ice and throw in some of your favorite beverages and some water so you can stay well hydrated while you soak in your Sundance hot tub and make the most of the beautiful Summer's day.

All Sundance Spas Hot Tubs have places to keep your drinks at hand so you can stay well hydrated this summer!

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