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4 Ways To Stay Healthy When It’s Hot

As summer heat and humidity continue, it is vital to take care of your body. Rising temperatures can lead to physical fall-out like fatigue, sleeplessness and worse - really frizzy hair!

Despite the havoc that can be wreaked by humidity, however, you can prevent the heat from putting a damper on your health; here’s how.

Understand How Heat Impacts Your Health

Humidity causes sweat to evaporate less quickly, which stops your body from releasing heat. Along with that, personal factors such as circulation, prescription drug use, age, and body shape can all affect how well you handle hot temps.

Many people can attest to feeling uncomfortable when Mother Nature turns up the heat, but if you start to feel ill or have muscle cramps, it could mean something more serious.

Prolonged exposure to heat and humidity can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke. But, do you know the difference? Heat exhaustion can include headaches, dizziness, and fainting but can be treated with rest and hydration; heat stroke is characterized by confusion and/or unconsciousness, and demands medical attention.

Even if you do not become physically ill from high temps, your body may be taxed because air quality can diminish during a heat wave.

Simple Ways to Stay Cool

So, how can you stay healthy and happy despite rising temperatures? Here are a few ways to beat the heat:

  1. Try to stay in air conditioning as much as possible during heat waves; a fan doesn’t work to effectively cool the body in extreme conditions. Many areas offer cooling stations during high temperature periods for those without access to air conditioning. Hot days are also a great excuse to head to other A/C-enhanced hot spots like the mall or local library.
  2. A warm shower (yes, warm) can go a long way to helping you cool off during a heat wave because it keeps the blood circulating in your body. Soaking in a warm Sundance hot tub or bathtub could help you feel better in the heat, too.
  3. We all know hydration is important during hot temperatures, but don’t wait until you’re thirsty during the midst of a heat wave and then start loading up on water. Take a preventative approach and begin drinking more when you know consistently hot temperatures are on the way.
  4. Being outside in a heat wave can be dangerous, so be sure to limit outdoor activities in extremely hot weather—even if you are not at high risk for a heat-related health illness.

Succumbing to a heat wave is preventable, so be smart about how much you expose yourself to the outdoors during hot weather.

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