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The Latest & Greatest Water Treatment!

We all want to have clean, clear hot tub water without using a huge amount of chemicals, so what is the best water treatment system out there?

With over 40 years of experience as an industry leader, Sundance Spas have been developing and using cutting edge hot tub technology to filter and purify hot tub water. Their goal is to reduce the amount of time, effort and money spent on hot tub maintenance.

ClearRay UV-C Water Purification

Sundance Spas most recent breakthrough in water treatment has seen them utilizing Ultraviolet light technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens and reduce the amount of chemicals required to maintain your Sundance hot tub water.

Since 2012, the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System has been included as standard on every Sundance hot tub - The system is so good, we wouldn't want to sell a hot tub that doesn't have it!

How Does It Work?

UV-C is a natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. The UV-C light effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to reproduce in your Sundance Hot Tubs water.

ClearRay treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens quickly and easily without adding any by-products, gasses or odors to your water. This factory installed standard feature is made with durable stainless steel and quartz components and is easy to maintain with an annual bulb replacement.

Water Filtration

In addition to the ClearRay system, Sundance hot tubs are equipped with various styles of filtration.

680 Series models include our traditional 50 SQ FT vertical filter.

780 Series Spas come with the MicroClean Filtration System which includes a two-part horizontal filter, SlipStream Weir and Dynamic Flow Silent Circulation Pump.

880 & 980 Series models feature the horizontal MicroClean Ultra Filtration System, SlipStream Weir & Dynamic Flow Silent Circulation Pump.

Combine this superior filtration with the powerful ClearRay UV-C technology and you can achieve the clearest, cleanest water possible with the lowest amount of chemicals and effort.

ClearRay ProTect Automatic Oxidizer

Want to make life even easier? The optional ClearRay Pro-Tect is a low output automatic oxidizer that works with ClearRay to automatically oxidize impurities in the water.

A recent Netflix show, "Down to Earth" with Zac Efron features the star and his friends travelling around the world and focusses on themes such as travel, nature, green energy and wellbeing.

In an episode set in France, the city of Paris is shown to have the best drinking water in the world. According to interviews with city workers, the key to the high quality of the local water is the use of UV technology and Oxidization - the same treatment used in a Sundance Spa equipped with ClearRay and ClearRay Pro-Tect!

ClearRay Pro-Tect is an available upgrade on all 780880 & 980 Sundance hot tubs. 

Where else is UV Purification Used?

In 1903, Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his use of ultraviolet light in the treatment of tuberculosis. Since then, ultraviolet lights have been adapted for all kinds of uses, and UV-C technology has become widely used in industries that require the purification of water.

Commercial water bottling plants use UV-C technology to produce drinking water. Hospitals, Doctors offices & Dental practices are now using UV-C lights to keep their instruments clean. Aquariums and fish farms use UV-C to keep their water safe and clean. UV-C systems are now common on HVAC systems and Furnaces, to sterilize moving air.

UV-C is widely used in Cottage Country to purify drinking water, and is found in many commercial kitchens, food processing plants, Industrial & Municipal Water Plants & Sanitation Facilities. 

Ultraviolet light, particularly the UV-C spectrum, is the go-to technology for a vast array of industries that need to purify water effectively and efficiently, and Sundance Spas was the first hot tub manufacturer to apply this technology to the purification of hot tub water.

What About Salt or Ozone?

Over the years, Sundance Spas have tried a variety of different technologies for keeping hot tub water safe and clean, such as Ozone Generators and Salt Systems.

These systems are actually quite old technology that Sundance discontinued a number of years ago, but they are still widely used and promoted by many other hot tub manufacturers.

Salt Chlorine or Bromine Generators work by continually turning salt into Hypochlorous Acid, adding chlorine or bromine to your spa.

It is important to note that salt systems using sodium bromide (bromine salt generators) have now been flagged as a health risk by the FDA. Due to this new information, manufacturers will no longer be able to offer parts or supplies to support these kinds of salt systems.

Salt is very corrosive and can have a damaging impact on your hot tubs equipment over time, and is known to be very hard on hot tub pumps & heaters in particular.

Salt Generators were originally designed for pools, and then were converted for use in hot tubs. They were more effective in pools for many reasons, including the increased volume of water, the much lower temperature of the water and a much smaller bather load (4 or 5 people in a hot tub is the equivalent of having 40-50 people in a pool).

It is worth noting that cities such as Toronto have banned the discharge of salt water to the storm sewer system, with fines of up to $50,000. Several other municipalities are adopting this by-law as the corrosive damage of salt water pools & hot tubs comes to light.

Ozone Systems work by generating and injecting ozone gas into the hot tubs water, gradually disinfecting the water. A downside to Ozone is that the gas being generated gets trapped under the hot tub cover and can cause damage to the cover and headrests and the gassy smell builds up under the cover and hits you when you open the cover up. 

The ClearRay UV-C System is a natural process that adds no by-product to the water, simply disinfecting the water instantly by exposure to UV light. 

This system keeps your water fresh with no negative effect on your Sundance hot tubs equipment. There is no such thing as a chemical free hot tub, but with the ClearRay System the use of chemicals is reduced by more than 50%.

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