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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Even during these difficult times, It really is a magical season, and a hot tub from The Sundance Spa Store can help you create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Sit and soak with your family on Christmas Eve as the kids watch the sky for Santa's sleigh & Rudolph's glowing red nose. Unwind after a busy day of opening gifts and eating turkey with all the fixings. Relax in your hot tub while you see in the new year.

The Winter Holidays are a lot of fun, but all the work involved in making the Holidays just right can cause a lot of stress!

Choose to unwind in your Sundance Spa once all the holiday preparation is taken care of and soak the stress away.

If you already own a Sundance Spa, then you know that Winter hot tub use is awesome, so here are some tips on enjoying the warmth of a spa in the snow and cold!

Warm Towels & Robes

It can be a bit of a shock to the system to get out of the warm water of your Sundance Spa and have to deal with the cold air and wrapping yourself up in a freezing cold towel or robe!

Stave-off the chill by enveloping yourself in a delightfully warm towel. There are a variety of outdoor towel warmers available from the big box stores.

If you don't own a towel warmer, you can go old school and warm your towels and/or robes in the dryer before you head outside, and keep them in a cooler so they are still toasty by the time your soak is finished.

A nicely warmed towel or robe will help prolong the warm feelings even after you have left the spa.

Warm Water

Keep your hot tub water at a temperature that is comfortable for you. The colder the air temperature, the warmer the water should be!

It is a lot more energy efficient and convenient to keep your hot tub water at the temperature of your choice rather than dropping it down and having to wait for it to warm up again.

Maintaining a comfortable water temperature means your Sundance Spa is always ready for you to jump into at anytime.

In addition to these practical reasons for keeping the water warm, there are not too many things that are more inviting than the slow-rising steam from the hot water of your Sundance Spa!

Warm Heads

Wearing a hat in your hot tub may seem like some odd advice, but it really can help!

Donning a tuque or baseball cap in the spa will help keep your hair dry and prevent  the heat from escaping through the top of your head

You could consider picking up some Santa hats to wear in the spa.  Not only will they will help keep the snow off your faces and keep your head warm, there is a good chance your neighbours will see you in them and think you are really cool! 

Warm Wishes

All of us here at The Sundance Spa Store send all of our customers warm wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

We are still open to serve you in-store or via curbside pick up at all six locations (Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan).

Please Note Our Upcoming Holiday Hours:

December 24th: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

December 25th: Closed

December 26th: Closed

December 27th: Closed

December 28th - 30th: Regular Hours

December 31st: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

January 1st 2022: Closed

January 2nd: Regular Hours