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Summer Fun!

Summer Weather is finally here, and that means it’s time for outdoor parties, barbecues, and entertaining family and friends.  A fun way to add variety to these occasions is to treat your guests to a warm and relaxing soak in your Sundance Hot Tub.  We offer some Hot Tub accessories that add comfort, fun, and glamour to your Sundance experience and ensure your parties are truly epic!

Spa Caddy

Sundance Spa hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 1

No party is complete without some great food and refreshing drinks, so why not use the Spa Caddy to let your friends have the luxury of savoring their beverages while relaxing in style?  The Spa Caddy attaches to the side of your Sundance Hot Tub, keeping food and drink nearby, which allows your guests to eat, drink, and be merry, without getting out of the water!

Sundance Spas 780 & 880 Series Hot Tubs have an optional rubber drink tray that fits snugly into the contoured filter lid recess to provide a secure spot for beverages. All 4 Locations of The Sundance Spa Store keeps these drink trays in stock, and there are trays available for all 780 & 880 Series Hot Tubs dating back to 2000.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing Cards mean you really can “Go Fish” in your Sundance Hot Tub!

Sundance Spa hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 2

Great for use in the bath, pool or Hot Tub, Waterproof Playing Cards can keep friends and family entertained for hours as you play your favorite games, and perhaps later in the evening you can break the cards out for some drinking games!

After you are done your drinking game, it is important that you can get out of the hot tub safely, so maybe you should consider adding a Hot Tub Safe-T-Rail.


The Safe-T-Rail mounts securely to the cabinet of your Sundance Hot Tub and swivels for reliable support while you are entering or exiting your Hot Tub.  Constructed with Ultra Sturdy Rust-Free material, the Safe-T-Rail also features a black foam grip to provide maximum support and peace of mind that anyone of any age can safely enter and exit your Sundance Hot Tub in a safe manner.

Sundance hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 3

All Sundance Spas 880 Series Hot Tubs come equipped with LED Illuminated Stainless Steel Grab Bars to make it even easier for you to enter and exit your Hot Tub securely.

So remember, if the drinking games get a bit wild, just walk toward the light and you will be fine!

Sundance Spa hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 4

Spazazz Pina Colada Fragrance

By adding a couple of scoops of Spazazz Pina Colada “Enliven” crystals to your Sundance Hot Tubs water, you can add the air of aroma of the tropics to your Hot Tub!

Relax and indulge in the effervescent fragrance of juicy pineapple mixed with creamy coconut and, of course, rum! Lay back in your Hot Tub and let your imagination carry you away to a Tropical Island in the Sun. I can almost hear the Pina Colada song now….

These all natural Hot Tub Crystals with anti-inflammatory and stress reliever are oil free, so will not mess up the balance or clarity of your Hot Tubs water. The Sundance Spa Store’s 4 GTA Locations carry a full range of Spazazz Fragrances, so come in and fine the one that’s just right for your party!

Sundance Spa hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 5


Before People Arrive

Before the party gets started, here are a few things to take care off to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone can enjoy a great Sundance Hot Tub experience.

Check Your Filters

You want your friends to have a great time, and having clean, clear water is vital to ensuring that. Give your pleated Hot Tub Cartridge filter a clean before everyone arrives to get rid of any debris that may be trapped in the pleats. If you have a 780, 880 or Select Series Sundance Hot Tub, check the MicroClean Filter is in good shape, and replace if necessary. Some Sundance Owners remove their MicroClean or MicroUltra Filters before a big party and replace it with one of the washable “Party Filters”. This means that you can just rinse out the filter after the party and put your MicroClean Filter back in, to get longer life out of your Sundance Hot Tub Filters. Click here for more information on Filter Maintenance.

Balance Your Water

Pop a test strip in your Hot Tubs water before people get in to make sure the water is safe and balanced. Add some Sun-Boom if the sanitizer level is low and check the Alkalinity and pH are within the correct range. This will help everyone have a great Hot Tub experience in water that feels great and doesn’t have a harsh odor. Here is some more information on maintaining your Hot Tub Water.

Adjust the Temperature

On a really hot day, why not turn down the temperature and transform your Sundance Hot Tub from a warm soothing bathing experience into a way you can beat the summer heat and cool off even on the hottest of days?

If you are expecting the kids to use the Hot Tub during the summer, you may want to lower the temperature to somewhere between 80-93 Degrees so they can use the Hot Tub for longer periods of time, and actually cool off in it and find some relief from the hot weather.

Even your adult guests might be glad of the cooler temperatures, as your Hot Tub will feel like a nice warm pool. If you are planning on running the Hot Tub at a lower temperature for the duration of Summer, it is probably a good idea to drain your Hot Tub and re-fill it with cold tap water and let it heat up to your desired temperature rather than waiting for it to cool down, as Sundance Hot Tubs are designed to retain heat and can therefore take a long time to get down to the temperature you want.

Sundance Spa hot tub accessories Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 6

So now the water is at the right temperature, it is well balanced, clean and clear and ready for you and your guests to enjoy! Have plenty of towels ready to go, make sure there is lots of cold water for everyone to drink and have a Wonderful, Fun-Filled Summer!