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New For 2023 - 680 Series Relaunch

Take that "spa feeling" with you wherever you go. The 680 Series will make you feel good long after you leave the water.

This year Sundance Spas has redesigned and relaunched the 680 Series with a variety of exciting new features and a stylish new look.

Here is breakdown of the upgrades to the 680 Series Spas:

New Designs & Layouts

The Alicia & Prado models have been reimagined in new sizes. These compact, space saving designs will look great in any backyard, and are ideal for smaller spaces. 

Both the Alicia & Prado are Plug 'n Play spas that can be plugged in to a regular outlet. They are also convertible to be hardwired by an electrician if desired.

The 2-3 person Alicia is now 69" x 80" x 33"h.

The Prado model has been redesgned as a square spa. It is now 80" x 80" x 33"h and will comfortably seat up to 5 people. 

The Peyton (shown below) & Ramona models have been redesigned with a new layout. The reclining lounge chair has been repositioned at the back of the spa, adjacent to the new MicroClean Mini Filtration System to maximize the available space in the spa.

This change also allows for the inclusion of a new cool down seat at the front of the spa. This seat allows for safe entry / exit from your spa as well as providing a great place for kids to sit and relax and a spot for people to cool off without having to completely exit the spa.

680 Series Peyton

New Cabinets

A great upgrade for 2023 680 Spas is the introduction of a Tool - Free Synthetic Cabinet with Exterior LED Lights. This UV resistant synthetic cabinet incorporates a sleek new geometric design which will add a modern touch to any backyard.

Also built in to the new cabinet is a pair of metallic accent LED lights to add a touch of elegance and enhance the magical spa experience.

Tool free access to the equipment area makes ownership and maintenance easier as you no longer have to remove a bunch of screws that can strip over the course of time.

It's just another way that owning a Sundance Spa reduces the amount of time and effort involved in hot tub care and maintenance.

This new cabinets are available in two colours, a light grey called Slate:

And a darker grey colour called Graphite:

Both Slate & Graphite cabinets are available on every 680 model. All spas are available in 5 different interior colours (Platinum, Porcelain, Celestite, Monaco & Midnight (shown above).

New Filtration

The new MicroClean Mini Dual Stage Filtration System is a fine addition to the Sundance family! Now every acrylic Sundance Spa has a form of MicroClean filter. 

Since 2002, MicroClean Filtration has been a core element of Sundance Spas water treatment systems, helping people keep their water clean and clear with the minimum amount of fuss. Until 2023.

680 Series spas used a traditional 50 Sq. Ft. vertical filter, but now they are equipped with the exclusive MicroClean Mini 75 Sq. Ft.  horizontal filter with spun inner core and proprietary water skimmer.

Unlike traditional filtration systems, the horizontal position of the pleated filter allows water to flow through the entire filter to remove the tiniest particles in the water for the cleanest, clearest water.  The proprietary water skimmer floats with the water level to skim more build-up producing debris than standard filtration systems. 

The 680 Series MicroClean Mini Filtration has a disposable inner core filter that works in conjunction with the large pleated filter and skimmer weir to remove tiny particles, oils, lotions and other microscopic debris that can cause cloudy, foamy hot tub water.

This MicroClean core reduces the amount of chemicals required, as you do not need to add clarifiers or coagulants to gather smaller particles together to enable your filter to remove them.

To aid with water maintenance, all Sundance Spas come equipped with the patented ClearRay UV-C Water Purification system as standard and all 680 Spas are also Active Oxygen ready. For more on ClearRay, click here. Get more details on Active Oxygen here.

New Jets

All 2023 680 Series Spas are equipped with new proprietary Jets in up to 6 different massage styles.

These modern looking jets have black and stainless steel face plates and offer and invigorating massage with adjustable water flow and the ability to add air to the water for increased power. You can see some of these jets in action by using the links below.

For more information on the new 680 Series (Ramona, McKinley, Peyton, Edison, Prado & Alicia) please visit any of our 6 locations (Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan) and our dedicated team of professionals will be glad to assist you.

These relaunched models offer a wide variety of excellent features, and have a price point you will love!