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Labour Day Party!

How can it be that Summer is just about over? Didn't the kids just get out of school? Even though the weather is still glorious, The Labour Day Long Weekend is here, reminding us that Summer is coming to a close and school is about to start back. Don't despair just yet though...The Long Weekend gives you a great opportunity to celebrate the end of Summer in style - In your Sundance Hot Tub!

Invite your friends and family over for the ultimate summer bash and make some memories you will have with you for a lifetime. A Hot Tub party is a special way to celebrate with loved ones. Here are some Hot Tub party ideas to make this Labour Day a memorable one!


Football BBQ

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​Labour Day and Football go hand in hand, so why not combine the two with a Football related Hot Tub BBQ Party? Here are a few links to some great reciepies for football food!

Set up an outdoor TV or projector with a huge screen and sit back in your Sundance Hot Tub to enjoy the game in true comfort! There's no better way to watch the Labour Day Classic...Go Argos!


Movie Night

So once the game is done, or maybe instead of watching the game if you are not a football fan, why not set up the projector anyway and watch a classic movie together in your Hot Tub? Make it more fun by offering your guests treats like popcorn, candy, & pretzels. Have plenty of beverages on hand to keep everyone well hydrated during the movie - Sundance Spas Hot Tubs come complete with built in drink holders and have optional drink trays for occassions such as these!

You can pair your TV/Projector/BluRay Player via bluetooth to the optional BlueWave Spa Stereo System so you can enjoy the audio through your Sundance Hot Tubs speakers. Movies sound great through this system, especially in the 780, Select & 880 Series models that include an in-cabinet SubWoofer to give you a great Home Theatre Sound.

Here is a list of the top 5 best movie subwoofer moments enjoy these and many other great movies whilst getting an amazing massage in the clean, clear water of your Sundance Hot Tub. Give yourselves extra points for coolness if you are watching any one of these Top 50 Sea adventure movies or something Hot Tub related - Hot Tub Time Machine is a favourite - after the kids have gone to bed!


Game Night

Take your game night up a notch by hosting it in your Sundance Hot Tub!

Many people enjoy a good card game around the kitchen table, but now Waterproof playing cards mean you can play for hours in your Hot Tub, enjoying a great massage as well as your favourite card game.

A game of Hot Tub Charades can often be  hilarious, and floating board games are a great way to take Games Night to another level of enjoyment. With games for kids and adults alike, Game Night in your Hot Tub will create an evening filled with fun and laughter and make your Labour Day Hot Tub party hard to forget!

Before you hop in to the Hot Tub, remember to test your Hot Tubs Water to make sure it is clean and well balanced so that it will be comfortable for everyone entering in to the water. It is a good idea to wash your Hot Tubs filters beforehand to make sure the water is clear and not foggy or cloudy. Have some extra swimsuits on hand in case any guests forgot to bring their own, and have plenty of towels available so everyone is comfy when they get out of the Hot Tub.

For more information on Hot Tubs by Sundance Spas, or how to maintain your Hot Tubs water, feel free to drop in to any one of our four locations serving the GTA & Niagara Regions - We would love to help you out!




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