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Hot Tub Of The Month - The Prado
Now available at all 4 locations, The Prado is a great Value Hot Tub built to the high standards you have come to expect from Sundance Spas.
The Sundance Spa Store Advantage - Part 3
Who you buy your hot tub from can be just as important long term as the brand you choose. By choosing a reputable dealership such as The Sundance Spa Store, you are choosing to work with a company with an unmatched reputation for excellence in customer care, service & support.
The Sundance Spa Store Advantage - Part 2
Week two of our series outlining the many advantages of purchasing a Hot Tub from The Sundance Spa Store.
The Sundance Spa Store Advantage - Part 1
Taking delivery of your new Sundance Hot Tub is easy with our professional In-House Delivery Crew!
Dealing With Foamy Hot Tub Water
Foamy Hot Tub Water: A Look at What Causes Foamy Hot Tub Water & How To Prevent and Fix It.
Hot Tub Theme Park!
A Hot Tub themed amusement park will include cable cars and carousels filled with natural spring water!
Family Day
Enjoy the Family Day Long Weekend - Spend some quality time together enjoying your Sundance Hot Tub.
Hot Tub Of The Month - Introducing The New Sundance Prado 5
The new Prado 5 is a patio-sized spa, which can plug into a standard wall outlet for easy installation! No added electrical work required.
5 Times when soaking In Your Sundance Hot Tub is just the best!
Here are 5 times when using a Sundance Hot Tub will help you get the most out of life!