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Covid-19 Store Operations Update
Covid-19 Store Operations Update - January 18th 2021. We are open for curbside pickup only at this time.
Hot Tub Winter Freeze Protection -  Installing a Space Heater
A space heater can be a useful tool in helping you deal with frozen hot tub equipment.
Heat & Filtration Settings for your Sundance Spa
We all want to enjoy clean, clear hot tub water, and heat and filter settings play a significant part in making it happen.
Hot Tub Chromotherapy: Colour & Light
Colour and light have been utilized by healers for thousands of years. Find out how a Sundance Hot Tub can help you enjoy the benefits of Chromotherapy.
7 Benefits of Having a Home Sauna
Are you considering installing your own sauna at home? We’ve listed 7 reasons to stop considering and start installing!
Hot Tub Water Care: What is Alkalinity?
Find out what water alkalinity is, why it is important, and how to keep it balanced correctly.
6 Simple Ways to Use Aromatherapy for Relaxation
Try these DIY aromatherapy techniques to bring calm and comfort to your home.
Hot Tub Of The Month - The 4-5 Person Cambria
Our Hot Tub Of The Month for October is the 4-5 person Cambria. Read on for more information about this compact, versatile hot tub.
Sauna Use May Improve Heart Health
A recent study has shown that regular sauna use may improve heart health in addition to the many other health benefits sauna use offers.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this year.