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Earth Day
Earth Day is an annual event, held to promote environmental protection and encourage care of the Earth.
Sundance Spas New & Updated Features for 2016
As the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, Sundance Spas is committed to building superior quality Hot Tubs utilizing the very latest technology.
Make The Most of Your Morning!
Whether you are naturally a morning person or not, a refreshing soak in a Sundance Hot Tub first thing in the morning can make every morning feel good, helping you adjust your attitude, loosen your muscles, focus your thoughts and set you up for a great day.
National Hot Tub Day
March 28th is National Hot Tub Day - Enjoy your Sundance Hot Tub!
Spotlight On The Sundance Spa Store In St. Catharines, ON
The Sundance Spa Store in St. Catharines is just one of our four locations, with stores also situated in Burlington, Oakville & Mississauga.
7 Reasons Why One Sundance Model Outsells All Others
The Sundance Optima Is The Best-Selling Model Of Any Hot Tub From Any Spa/ Hot Tub Company In The World Because it's Loaded With Popular Features, And Priced For Less Than You Would Expect To Pay For A Spa Of This Quality.
Overcoming Migraine Headaches
How a Sundance Hot Tub Can Help. Sundance Hot Tub Hydrotherapy is a very effective natural migraine headache treatment, helping to both relieve symptoms & prevent migraine onset.
Hot Tub Water Care Made Easy
Sundance Spas have been building Hot Tubs for over 35 years, and making sure you have clean, clear hot tub water is at the heart of every Sundance Spa.
Hot Tub Date Night!
Valentine’s Day has passed us by for another Year, but romance is always in the air when you own a Sundance Hot Tub!
Hot Tub Time Machine!
For thousands of years, Mankind has benefited from the therapeutic qualities of hot water. Take a journey back through the history of Hot Tubs & Get a glimpse of what the future holds!