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How to Drain, Clean & Refill Your Sundance Spa
Drain, clean and refill your Sundance Spa regularly so you always have clean, clear water. Here are some tips to make the process as easy as possible!
Heat & Filtration Settings For Your Sundance Spa
We all want to enjoy clean, clear hot tub water, and heat and filter settings play a significant part in making it happen.
Water Maintenance: Fresh Fill & Weekly Care
Find out how to quickly and easily sanitize and balance your hot tub water so it is always fresh and ready to use.
SmartTub Cellular Control System
Enjoy the next generation of hot tub ownership with Sundance Spas SmartTub Cellular Control System.
Top 3 Spa Care Urban Legends
Misinformation about spa maintenance can make water care seem daunting, but here is the truth about the top three spa care urban legends.
Feature Focus: SilentAir with SunScents Aromatherapy
Find out more about the SilentAir Injector System featuring SunScents Aromatherapy Fragrance beads
Cool Off In Your Sundance Spa!
Summer is in full swing, here are a few tips for enjoying your Sundance Spa during the heat.
Hot Tub Of The Month - The 5-6 Person Cameo
Our Hot Tub Of The Month is the 5-6 person Cameo. Get more info on our best selling lounge model!
7 Reasons You Need To Buy a Hot Tub
The great news about Sundance hot tubs is that you can improve your physical health while you relax - Here are 7 reasons for you to buy a hot tub.
ClearRay Active Oxygen
There is now a way to enjoy your Sundance hot tub with hardly any chemicals at all. Find out more about ClearRay Active Oxygen!