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Hot Tub Of The Month - The 780 Bristol
Our Hot Tub Of The Month for August is the 780 Series Bristol. With room for 5-6 people, this medium sized spa with lounger is a customer favourite!
Bring the Health Club Sauna Home
With all of us spending more time at home, unable to get to, or uncomfortable going to the health club, now is the perfect time to add a sauna to your home!
5 Easy Ways to Drift off to Dreamland
A good night’s sleep can lead to better productivity and concentration. Check out these 6 steps to getting a great night's sleep.
Hot Tub Health Benefits: Arthritis Relief
Many people today suffer from the symptoms of Arthritis. Find out how using a Sundance Hot Tub can help!
Hot Tub Of The Month - The 980 Kingston
Our Hot Tub Of The Month is the stunning 980 Series Kingston. This elegant low profile spa is loaded with features that take hydrotherapy to another level!
4 Ways To Stay Healthy When It’s Hot
As summer heat and humidity continue, it is vital to take care of your body. Here are 4 ways to stay healthy when it's hot.
Money-saving Smart Technology
Smart technology has come a long way quickly, making life much easier! Gadgets not only make mundane tasks more fun; they can save you time and money, too.
Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Summer
Glorious Summer weather is finally here. Find out hot to stay cool in your Sundance Spa!
Finnleo Sauna Testimonial: NHL All-Star Dany Heatley
NHL All-Star, Dany Heatley, Uses his Finnleo Sauna for Workout Recovery & Health
Dealing With Calcium Build Up in Hot Tub Water
Can you see white flakes in your hot tub water? If so, you probably have a Calcium build up. Here's how to remove calcium flakes & scale from your water.