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Sauna Use Rejuvenates Your Skin
Regular sauna sessions can perform miracles on your skin, cleansing the pores and improving the circulation.
Hot Tub Foundations - What does your new Sundance Spa need to sit on?
A new Sundance Spa is going to look great in your backyard! Here are some ideas on which foundation you should place your hot tub on.
5 Key Points for planning  your Sundance Hot Tub Installation
A quick read to help you plan your Sundance hot tub installation, so that it is perfect for your needs!
Improve Your Mental Health with a Regular Sauna Routine
Did you know that you can improve your mental health with a regular sauna routine? Find out more with this blog by Craig Lahti of Finnleo Saunas.
Feature Focus: Fluidix Intelli-Jets
For many Sundance owners, one Jet in particular stands out as their personal favourite. Find out more about the Fluidix Intelli-Jet!
Sauna Of The Month - The 2 Person S-820
Our Sauna of the Month for February is the stylish two-person S-820 Pure Infrared.
Tired of having sore feet?
Give your feet the pampering they deserve with a reflexology massage in your Sundance Hot Tub.
From Sweat Lodges to Home Saunas: Heat Therapy Around The World
Taking your first step into a heat-filled room instantly starts working its magic. Your mind starts to wander and your muscles relax.
The History & Ownership of Sundance Spas
Investindustrial, a European Investment Group are the owners of Sundance Spas & many other hot tub companies. take a look at the history of Sundance Spas.
Enjoy your Sundance Hot Tub In The Rain
You can enjoy your Sundance Spa in any weather, even when it is raining!. Here are some tips on enjoying a wet-weather soak!