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AquaVial Bacteria Test Kit - Now in stock!
AquaVial Bacteria Test Kit's for pool and hot tub water are now available at The Sundance Spa Store.
Enjoying Your Hot Tub In The Rain
Have you ever been out swimming in the rain? There is something amazing about being out in a rainstorm and not getting wet from the rain, because you are already underwater.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Make your Thanksgiving Celebration even more special with an after dinner soak in your Sundance Spa!
Feature Focus: SilentAir
The powerful SilentAir Injection blower quietly sends soothing bubbles through multiple SilentAir hot tub jets located throughout the Hot Tub, with just a touch of a button. Distinct from the Hot Tubs regular water jets, these Air injectors create a warm effervescent stream of bubbles, giving you an invigorating soft tissue massage.
Make The Most of Your Morning!
Whether you are naturally a morning person or not, a refreshing soak in a Sundance Hot Tub first thing in the morning can make every morning feel good, helping you adjust your attitude, loosen your muscles, focus your thoughts and set you up for a great day.
Hot Tub Time Machine!
For thousands of years, Mankind has benefited from the therapeutic qualities of hot water. Take a journey back through the history of Hot Tubs & Get a glimpse of what the future holds!
Spotlight On The Sundance Spa Store In Mississauga, ON
The Sundance Spa Store Hot Tub Showroom Is Located In The Heart Of The Heartland Town Center In Mississauga, ON.
Tired Of Having Sore Feet?
Sore, achy feet are a common problem for many people, especially those who have to stand for long periods of time or walk long distances.
How to Drain, Clean & Re-Fill Your Hot Tub
Draining & Cleaning Your Hot Tub 3 Or 4 Times A Year Will Ensure You Are Soaking In Clean, Clear Water.
We All Love A Restful Sleep, It Is Important To Our Health.
Relaxing In A Sundance Hot Tub Can Promote A Good Night's Sleep.